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To add your new projects to this workspace please follow this guideline:

How to add new projects

After downloading whole solution you can see two Solution Folders in solution: lib and source:
  • lib: Contains all necessary references for our projects. For new references, first add a new folder then add a subfolder in it for its version number then copy your file there and finally add it from VS -> Solution -> Add Exisiting Item option.
  • source: Contains source code + solutions for our projects. There is a parent solution. You can open it to see all projects as a child.

To add a new project first create a local subfolder in "source" folder then copy your project there. Then in Visual Studio, choose Add Exisiting project and add it to solution. Finally right click on your project in VS and choose "Add to source control". This ensures that your /bin and /obj folders won't be added to source control to prevent others from building their projects.

Important notes

  1. After adding your projects, go to our workspace homepage and add the name of your plugin + your name and your url in the list of plugins.
  2. If you want to check out something please only check out your items and Don't Forget to Check in your changes at the end.
  3. Add new Work Item for everything you want to do.
  4. Provide descriptive comments for all your Check-ins and choose a Work Item for them.
  5. Use an appropriate icon for your plugin and try to implement enough options for it.

How we will release our plugins

As we can't use same namespace for our assmeblies (they won't work for Live Writer), we will use our own namespace and DLLs. We will release each plugin individually once it was finished but we will have a major release as a collection of all latest plugins on regular basis.

Additional information

All our plugins are for fun so we don't want to put restrictive time lines for project but please try to add your projects to repository when they're at last stages to let others know they can be finished soon. Please check forums regularly and subscribe to workspace feed to be up to date with changes.

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