About releases

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Sep 1, 2006 at 7:52 PM
I've created three different releases for our project with different planned release dates:

* Cyclone (Sep-04-2006)
* Derecho (Sep-25-2006)
* Gustando (Oct-09-2006)

Developers should add their projects to one of these releases based on the time line they can predict for their plugins. Initially all projects are added to Derecho so just drag and drop your project to new node in solution if you want.

You can put your project to more than one releases to produce bug fixes and new features but it should be added in first release at any time and you can move it to next release after we made a version public.

Dude, team is growing and we should keep things under control so:

After this, you must create work items for everything you want to do and set your appropriate component which is your plugin name (I created all components). You must fill all fields for work items and assign anything only to yourself. If you have an item and want to assign it to another developer, please first contact me and him with details.

Any changeset must be associated to a work item and must have a meaningful comment.

All projects must be added to one of three solution folders in solution, mustn't be duplicated in two nodes and mustn't be added outside of release nodes.

Anyone must release any resource he has checked out after coding so please don't forget this. If you don't want to add/remove any item to root solution, it's better to avoid checking out resources or only check out your project files because you're the only guy who works on your project. So please try to avoid checking out and if you did it, please don't forget to release project files.

Any developer who doesn't attend to guidelines will be removed after this. Today I spent several hours to organize source control. If you have any trouble, feel free to contact me and I'll assist you to solve issues ASAP.